Children with Hope is a Christian ministry that is based on biblical principles. We believe that Christ has called us to minister to the hurting in our world, and orphans are one of those special groups that we are called to care for (James 1:27). One of the basic principles that CWH is based on, is that of integrity. The issue of integrity goes to financial stewardship and extends to the manner in which the CWH board conducts the ministry. Board members receive no compensation of any kind for their service. 


The Eldoret orphanage is the first that Children With Hope has established. We are blessed to have seen God raise up people both in the U.S. and in Kenya to assist us every step of the way.  


We are open to the establishment of many homes in the years ahead, as the Lord leads. The CWH board is committed to excellence in each project that is undertaken. We wish to rely on God’s timing and leading, rather than our own opinions and agenda. Additional homes most likely would initially be considered in Kenya as we will have gone through the organizational processes and have the appropriate structures in place.  However, we would be open to going into other countries as God leads.